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The Glass Shattering

Riley awoke to a symphony of fractures. Every glass balustrade, every window in her apartment had been marred with a web of cracks, as if the glass itself was attempting to replicate her escalating dread. Some panes were utterly shattered, shards littering her pristine hardwood floor.

An eerie silence hung over the destruction. There was no sign of an intruder, no wind gust or seismic tremor that could explain such devastation. It was as if the glass had simply decided to implode.

Desperate for normalcy amidst the chaos, Riley decided to book a Melbourne glazier. Teams were dispatched, working tirelessly to replace the ruined glass, but it was a futile endeavour. As quickly as the repairs were made, new cracks formed, spider-webbing across the pristine surfaces. The glaziers were perplexed, unable to provide any rational explanation for the bizarre occurrences.

As the glass continued to crack and shatter around her, Riley sought answers elsewhere. She dived into the depths of the internet, sifting through forum posts and articles. It led her to obscure folklore, chilling tales of glass acting as a portal to other dimensions, of spirits bound within reflective surfaces.

As she read, the air around her seemed to thicken, her dread amplifying with every tick of the clock. It was late into the night when she glanced up from her screen, her eyes catching the fractured reflection in the nearby glass balustrade.

There, amidst the shattered glass, a dark figure loomed. It seemed to pulse and undulate with the shadows, its form almost fluid. Its touch seemed to further distort the glass, twisting the world into a grotesque caricature. As she watched in silent horror, it reached out from the reflection towards her.

Riley recoiled, the vision so real she could almost feel the icy touch of the phantom hand. The reality of her situation came crashing down on her. She was trapped in her apartment, caught in a hauntingly distorted reality, facing a supernatural entity that seemed hell-bent on reaching her. With every shattered piece of glass, the entity seemed to grow stronger. Her reflection grinned back at her from the fractured surface, a mocking echo of her terror.

Escaping the Underground

I sat on my hospital bed and deliberated. When I wasn’t on a mission, my lifestyle as a spy had been a glamorous one. I was afforded the very best of the best – of everything. High quality, understated cars, access to the best parties, private flights. I used to have it all. And now I had nothing but a tiny hospital bed that barely fitted my muscular body. I hadn’t had a bed this small since I was a teenager.

It was humbling, I’ll tell you that. But the sparse surroundings also gave me time to think. Yesterday I had received the first visit from my foot specialist since I had been diagnosed with toenail fungus. It was from the moon boot, apparently, but the moon boot was necessary in order to heal my foot, so I couldn’t take it off. The foot specialist was the first visitor I had received in weeks, and it was nice to see another human. For many reasons. On a primal level, I needed that interaction. Even as a spy, I had never been alone for this long. Our training never involved isolation.

The second reason was for my escape plan. I watched the foot specialist’s mannerisms carefully; how she took her notes and held her clipboard, where her eyes darted around the room. I watched her talk about the most common foot conditions Cheltenham spies dealt with, and as she talked about my boss I saw her look directly to the centre of the wall across from my bed. There. That was where the hidden camera was. It was camouflaged well, I’ll admit; virtually indistinguishable from the wall, especially in the low light of my room. But by the time the specialist left and walked back out the door to go up the stairs, I had catalogued where I believed every camera in my room to be. To escape, all I had to do was disable them without being discovered, and then make my way up those very same stairs the specialist had just left from. All I needed was a key swipe card.

Home Renovations One

As a child, I was fortunate to own a dollhouse—a cherished gift from my grandparents on one of my birthdays. Swiftly becoming my favourite toy, its appeal lay in the ease with which I could manipulate the dolls, relating to them in a way that allowed me to arrange and decorate the dollhouse to my heart’s content. While other kids played house in the schoolyard, my fondest desire was to hurry home, immersing myself in a world where I could host delightful tea parties for my dolls.

It comes as no surprise that my childhood fascination with dollhouses has manifested in my adulthood, as I’ve developed a profound interest in designing various areas of my home, particularly the kitchen. Currently, my husband and I are embarked on a house renovation, and it feels as though my childhood dream is coming to fruition. Remarkably, my husband has bestowed upon me nearly complete creative freedom, as long as he endorses the final design. Given our shared penchant for interior design, I find it difficult to fathom why he would disapprove of my aspirations. Consequently, I have engaged the services of one of the most reputable kitchen renovations companies Melbourne has to aid me in bringing my vision to life.

Designing a kitchen involves more than simply selecting wall colours and countertop materials. Plumbing and the intricate placement of internal pipes necessitate careful consideration, particularly for individuals lacking specific expertise in these matters. As a result, while I possess a passion for kitchen design, I recognise that it remains ultimately a hobby. The assistance of a kitchen design company proves invaluable in navigating these complexities. Renowned for its decades of experience and sterling reputation, this particular company from Melbourne emerges as one of the best in the industry. Admittedly, their services come at a premium cost, but when weighed against the exceptional quality they offer, the expense seems justified.

For now, I have yet to inform my husband of my plans. However, I have already engaged in discussions with the kitchen design company regarding our upcoming project. Astonishingly, the envisioned design mirrors the very dollhouse that enchanted my childhood days—an unexpected and delightful parallel that fills me with joy and anticipation.

Dodgy brakes














My brother and I decided to split money on a car last month. We figured since we live together, and are both reliant on public transport for work, it made no sense for us to buy a car individually. The car we bought is great and we’re both really happy with it. There is however 

one small issue. I have a feeling the brakes might be a bit dodgy. Now I’m definitely no mechanic but as far as I know about cars, brakes are meant to offer some resistance when you put your foot down on the brake pedal. I’ve noticed when I drive, I have to brake well in advance to actually come to a stop.

My brother is adamant that the brakes are fine. I disagree with him entirely. Two days ago I was driving on a rainy day and I missed the car in front of me purely by a hairline. Something must have been watching over me in that moment to not get into an accident. I’m going to find a brake repair mechanic near me to assess these brakes. If the mechanic tells me they’re fine, then I’ll take his word for it and will adjust my driving. My brother is convinced I’m taking the car to the mechanic because I’m trying to get a day off work. Honestly, why would I even bother with that? Besides, I know that if I take the car to the mechanic I am at risk of having a bill to pay. I hate bills!

I’ve decided to take the car to the top rated mechanic. Raceview has dozens of mechanics, but only few hold preferred ratings. I simply want the peace of mind that the brakes are in perfect condition and that I’m not at a high risk of an accident. It’s quite typical for my brother to not be concerned about this sort of stuff. I don’t think I’ve seen him worry about anything. It’s just his personality type I guess. Oh well, it’s off to the mechanic for me!


Some Toenail Fungus

Having finished with my hourly assigned walk – which was still largely a hobble – I returned to my squalor of a room. Before my injury, I never had use for the underground spy hospitals, but I had always assumed that an organisation as well funded as ours would be able to afford a decent compound. Sure, we had the best doctors, but the rooms? They certainly did not match. My room was a ten-by-ten square with barely enough space for a bed. My foot therapy equipment was still attached to it. Had I not seen and inspected every inch of that equipment for the past three months, I would have thought it was some sort of scuba diving gear. Pipes, levers and platforms – all the strange little oddities that had helped my foot improve, as recommended by the best podiatry experts Melbourne had to offer.

In the corner of the room, lit by the flickering LED overheads, was a sink that I used to wash my hands. The bathrooms were outside our rooms, and they were communal. Most people wouldn’t like that, but as a spy who had worked closely with many different teams – often full of strangers – for decades, I was used to sharing space. Besides, since the hospital was so empty I was yet to see another patient use the facilities at the same time as I did. It was basically a hotel. Only, one I was trapped in. Most of my time was spent alone, despite the increasingly frequent visits from doctors and podiatrists. On the last visit, I had been informed I had a case of toenail fungus, and despite the fact that I knew what the best over-the-counter toenail fungus treatment was and could get it cleared up in a day, the doctors gave me an extra two weeks of physical treatment. Code for: you’re stuck in this dingy underground hospital for an extra two weeks. I wondered if I was ever getting out of here, or if it really was a prison. Should I keep waiting it out, or should I make an escape? The escape would have to wait, as I still couldn’t walk properly. In the meantime, I would formulate a plan.

Vegetables from scratch

During my recent visits to the supermarket, I’ve often left feeling disgruntled at the poor quality of the produce. Things were either mouldy, too ripe, or not ripe at all. Then out of the produce I did buy, once I’d cut into it I’d notice something that was always a bit off. I don’t get why I’m spending such a big portion of my paycheck on produce that isn’t of a decent quality? It’s due to this happening each and every single week that I decided to buy vegetable seeds online. I’m starting off simple for now and will be growing tomatoes and cucumbers. Now, before anyone jumps down my throat, I am aware that tomatoes are also considered a fruit but for the sake of this discussion, I shall be calling it a vegetable.

The other day I harvested my first lot of tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden. My gosh, it was delicious! Not only did I use them in a salad, but I also had enough tomatoes to make my own pasta sauce too. It’s safe to say that this inspired me to buy more seeds and plant more vegetables. I’ve started growing dill, basil, pumpkin, and strawberries. It’s times like this where I feel grateful that I have a large garden. I also noticed that the website had standard roses for sale, so I think I may buy some of these too to add a floral touch to my garden from an aesthetic point of view. If someone told me two years ago that I would have ended up becoming this much of a gardening addict, I definitely would have laughed at them. I also feel that homegrown vegetables are better for the environment as they’re not mass-produced and shipped around in trucks. I still do my best to support independent farmers where I can. When my produce isn’t ready, I visit the Sunday market and purchase produce from there. It’s a much more pleasant experience than shopping at a supermarket.


Solar Power Knight

Hello, dearest reader. I am writing to you from the year two-thousand and something, with a dire message about our future. As the Solar Power Knight, it is my responsibility to inform the citizens of Earth about all things to do with renewable energy. Right now, I am typing this post from Stonehenge in England, but my travels take me all across this beautiful planet. I have written posts from the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon and even the moon. Earth is one of the most incredible places in the universe, but it won’t remain that way unless we do something to conserve it. Let me ask you an important question. Have you ever wondered: what is solar financing

I didn’t think so. Unfortunately, few people even know that solar financing exists. Once I explain the concept to them, most people find themselves fainting on the floor, so shocked that they did not know it existed. It really is a simple concept. Solar financing is all about how you are going to invest in solar technology, improving this world for the better. Unfortunately, most people expect solar panels to be completely free. It’s an investment not only in your home or business but also for your life and your planet. If you aren’t sure how you would get started with your solar financing, perhaps you should get some information about the government solar rebate. Do not underestimate the importance of switching to a clean energy source, like solar power. It really makes all the difference to maintaining the beauty of this planet.

When you do the right thing by the environment, you link yourself to it in the most beautiful way. Like two rings of smooth oak that have been intertwined, you will never be separated from the Earth. Mother Nature will thank you for investing in her. If you listen to nothing else this Solar Power Knight has to say, remember my final message: save power, save the world.

Rough Rose Landing

Somehow, both of the pilots on our plane had become unconscious. The plane was going down, as Veronica and I rushed to the front to see what we could do. Veronica thought there was no way she’d be able to pilot a plane, but we called air traffic control to ask for advice anyway. They asked if anybody on the plane has flying experience, and let me tell you, I’ve never felt more proud in my life. Of course I have flying experience; I’m a bee! What is a plane if not a giant metal bee? By all laws of aerodynamics, a plane nor a bee should not be able to fly because they are too heavy. And yet we fly anyway because we don’t care what humans think. I’d make sure Veronica landed this plane safely so that she could ensure there are standard roses for sale everywhere.

After a bit of struggling, we managed to steady the plane and began our descent toward the Melbourne airport, but we realised we had no idea how to land a plane. That’s when I used my bee telekinesis to contact the rest of my hive, requesting their immediate help. “Barry,” I told my brother, Barry, “we totally need your help to land this plane. If you help, my girlfriend, Veronica, will have hybrid tea roses for sale within the week. You were wanting to buy some hybrid tea roses, right? So, you’ve got to help us, bro.”

To my amazement, the entire hive came to assist. They positioned themselves underneath the plane, allowing us to land it properly. Veronica moved the plane about, unsure where to go, so I had some of the other bees create a target on the ground. Eventually, we got the plane down safely. After that, it was just a matter of getting the pollen out of our flower cargo and using it to restore life to all the other flowers around Melbourne. Everything worked out just swell, in the end!

– Benedict the Blogging Bee

Haunted Window Tinting

Urgh, I can’t believe Ron watched that stupid British horror movie about the haunted skyscraper. He’s terrible with horror movies, even if they are really old and really bad. Now he can’t walk past a skyscraper without screaming out in fear and running away. That’s a little bit of a problem, given we work in the Melbourne central business district. Apparently, he thinks the skyscrapers are alive, leaning down and whispering “Hello Governor” and other British phrases to him. It’s not every skyscraper, though. It is only the skyscrapers with commercial glass tinting. Around Melbourne, unfortunately, there are a lot of tinted skyscrapers, including the one we work at.

Ron hasn’t been to work in a week now, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to convince our boss not to fire him. I’ve tried to talk Ron into visiting a psychologist, but he’s too afraid that one of the skyscrapers will attack him on the way. Even though there are no skyscrapers anywhere near his local psychologist, he absolutely refuses. It’s infuriating. Maybe I should just stop covering for him, and if he gets fired that’s his problem. He should be able to get over his ridiculous fear of big buildings with tinted windows, and it’s his fault for watching that dumb movie in the first place. It’s not like he’s afraid of decorative window film in the Melbourne CBD or anything. Just tinted windows on skyscrapers. It’s not logical at all. Does that make it a phobia? Well, even if it is a phobia, it’s a stupid phobia. Ron just needs to get over it.

It’s like that time where I watched a movie about an evil balloon that tried to destroy the world, and I had a strange fear of balloons for a few days. Eventually, though, I just decided that I couldn’t live my life in fear of an inanimate object. I got over it. For some reason, I don’t think Ron has the courage to get over his own illogical fear. I guess he’ll just be afraid of tinted skyscrapers forever.

Summer ready home

It’s important, now that summer is almost upon us, to start preparing for the change in seasons. It’s not just your wardrobe that has to change; there are a number of changes that you can make around the home to help you and your family better prepare for summer. Experienced companies that deal with air conditioner maintenance in Melbourne are a great place to start, but you at home can do things before the heat wave.

Checking the insulation of your home is a great way to assess how ready your home is for summer. A big drawback of the heat is the large energy bills; help reduce the cost of summer by ensuring you won’t be wasting money on inefficient cooling. Correct fitting and maintenance of insulation can cut up to 50% of your energy bills annually. Simple things such as closing windows and curtains at night, and opening them up during the day can make huge differences over the course of the year. It’s also important to shut your curtains in the morning when there is a hot day forecast. By locking things up early in the morning you’ll prevent the house from prematurely heating up. I know it may sound counterproductive, but closing heavy curtains early in the morning will make a big difference to the temperature in your home.

Before the colder months start, and especially before intensive usage, take care to check your cooling system is working correctly. Heating units should be serviced at least every 12 months, and the beginning of the hot season is the perfect time to check your system. Gas heating can be potentially dangerous if left unchecked. Broken gas heaters can leak carbon monoxide fumes, a potentially deadly and odourless gas. Speak to your expert in heating services near Sydney for details on heating safety.

These are just a few simple things that you can do to help keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter.