Dodgy brakes














My brother and I decided to split money on a car last month. We figured since we live together, and are both reliant on public transport for work, it made no sense for us to buy a car individually. The car we bought is great and we’re both really happy with it. There is however 

one small issue. I have a feeling the brakes might be a bit dodgy. Now I’m definitely no mechanic but as far as I know about cars, brakes are meant to offer some resistance when you put your foot down on the brake pedal. I’ve noticed when I drive, I have to brake well in advance to actually come to a stop.

My brother is adamant that the brakes are fine. I disagree with him entirely. Two days ago I was driving on a rainy day and I missed the car in front of me purely by a hairline. Something must have been watching over me in that moment to not get into an accident. I’m going to find a brake repair mechanic near me to assess these brakes. If the mechanic tells me they’re fine, then I’ll take his word for it and will adjust my driving. My brother is convinced I’m taking the car to the mechanic because I’m trying to get a day off work. Honestly, why would I even bother with that? Besides, I know that if I take the car to the mechanic I am at risk of having a bill to pay. I hate bills!

I’ve decided to take the car to the top rated mechanic. Raceview has dozens of mechanics, but only few hold preferred ratings. I simply want the peace of mind that the brakes are in perfect condition and that I’m not at a high risk of an accident. It’s quite typical for my brother to not be concerned about this sort of stuff. I don’t think I’ve seen him worry about anything. It’s just his personality type I guess. Oh well, it’s off to the mechanic for me!