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Husband Loves Renovations

painters MelbourneI’m a long time fan of home improvement and renovations show. I must have watched every episode of every renovation show on tv in the last month. I simply can’t get enough of them. I’ve been thinking about my own bathroom renovations and getting idea. I have a notebook that is almost filled with sketches and other ideas of what my dream bathroom will look like. I have a pretty strict budget so a lot of the great things that I want I know I won’t be able to afford. I’ll do the best bathroom I can within my budget, I have to be strong and not be tempted to go overboard. I’d love to be involved with the project myself but I have no skills or experience with tools or building. I’ll leave the task to the experts, I have a lot of trust in my bathroom designers. Melbourne has this obsession with luxury bathroom lately and I’ve been swept up in the craze. I don’t know a hammer from a chainsaw; that’s how bad I am at bathroom renovations. I’m going to show the Melbourne bathroom contractors my ideas and work with them to come with a floor plan that will work well within the limited space I have. I know I have to stay on budget but I am happy to spend what it takes to get the best mini bathroom renovation Melbourne has to offer. It’s important to be willing to pay professional for their superior work and not want to cut corners. I mean bathroom are pretty important, you use them every day after all. I have faith in the abilities of these experts, they have a great track record according to their website. I just hope the update won’t take too long, I’m eager to have a nice long soak in the antique claw footed bathtub I found at a garage sale.

The reason I’ve have to be so careful with my money is that my husband and I just spent a lot having the house repainted. I was watching one of the new high definition channels on television the other night and came across a program that sparked my interest. It was all about making modern homes look vintage, which is something that I’d wanted for a long time. It’s amazing what a coat of paint in the right colour can do to transform a modern home into something special. I turned to my husband once the program was over and he could see in my eyes that I was excited to make a drastic change to our home. The very next day I was looking at colour swatches and contacting the house painters. Melbourne was coming into the warmer months, a perfect time to paint a house. It’s difficult to paint a house in the winter because it rains so often. You need a few days of warm weather before planning to do any exterior house painting so that it has time to dry. My husband was a little wary of the colour I had chosen for the outside of our weatherboard home. He didn’t say anything but I could see it on his face that he wasn’t sure about my antique palette. In the end the house ended up looking great and didn’t take long to paint at all. My husband even compliment me on my style choices, not something that he had ever done before.