Utility Bills Are to be Left in the Past

solar calculatorI honestly long for the day when we don’t have to worry about utilities. So internet will be a right enshrined in the constitution, and taking it away will be akin to making someone into a indentured slave. Electricity will be the same, to the point where you never, EVER think about it. It just rains from the sky, the solar panels everywhere will soak it up, and boom. Perpetual motion for everyone, all the time, at least until the sun explodes.

That way I won’t need to pay this stupid utility bill, and maybe I could spend the money on something that could help all of humanity, like solar panels or a nice cruise. That is, a cruise for me, because if it benefits me then it benefits all of mankind. Okay, so I’d rather support commercial solar systems, because that gets me even closer to a well-earned rest, probably on an island in the Maldives. Mmm, yeah. Solar panel installation = me eventually retiring to a nice island with unlimited energy, because the sun always shines. I can rest well, knowing that I was part of the solution. I’ll rest on my island, and people might thank be for being one of the early-adopters to this whole solar panel thing, one of the hallowed ones with wonderful foresight who made it all happen. Good for me. Good for me and my helping of the planet.

Of course, the Catch-22 situation is that I’m paying for electricity, internet and all of that stuff right now. I don’t think I’ll have the money to get involved but I won’t know until I use a commercial solar calculator. Basically, all of the governments need to get together, stop charging people for electricity, thus allowing them to install solar panels in their homes and businesses, thus making it so that no one has to pay for electricity. It’s called an investment for the future. Look it up.


Running Around All Day With the Dogs

commercial solar systemsDoggy day-care is harder than people think, let me tell you! It’s most certainly not sitting back and throwing a ball every now and then for the dogs to chase. Nope…we have around 20 dogs in this place at any one time, and two-to-three staff members to keep them happy. That is, permanently happy. They can go and sleep if they like, but if they’re awake and not focused exclusively on other dogs, then it’s our job to entertain them.

I used a pedometer once, and it only took a week for me to have racked up enough running to have taken a trip to Sydney and beyond. Attach a few wires and we could probably power this place just through motion alone! In fact, I’ve seriously been wondering how we can cut down on our energy usage here. Big overhead lights, auto-ball-tossing machines, and the spas actually generate quite a bit of power. There’s commercial energy monitoring, but I’m not sure about my feelings on the subject; not right now. I feel like it’d be some sort of admission that we use too much power, and I don’t know if we’re quite there. I mean, we don’t just boil kettles all the time for the fun of it. We definitely need to keep the temperature in here a solid number, for the comfort of the clients. Owners don’t like walking in and feeling that we’ve been skimping on the air con, or the heating in winter, and cooling a room THIS big? That takes a fair amount of juice.

I’m sure there are plenty of energy options out there. We could install energy-saving bulbs, for example. Industrial strength ones. Or…well, the roof is massive. Plenty of room for some input from commercial solar systems. Costs down means a better experience overall for people and pooches, so we should be striving to do what we can. Still kinda like that wire idea, though. We do burn a lot of energy.


Solar Energy, Not That Bad

commercial solarA year ago, I was convinced solar energy was ruining the planet. Now I’m going to have to go back and rewrite basically everything, because I’ve been convinced that the case is otherwise and most of my opinions are no longer valid. This is turning out like the who anti-vaccination thing all over again. Vaccinations: the Root of All Evil might have been a bestseller if I’d ever got around the publishing, but mostly because people would read and laugh at it for how wrong I was. I also owe some apologies to companies in Melbourne, commercial solar protests may have gotten out of hand. On account of all the abusive emails and staged protests.

It’s not completely my fault.  Was raised in a rural town and sent off to a pseudo-science academy at a very young age, where they taught us all kinds of things. I left not having joined the cult mentality, but all my scientific information has been repeatedly proven very wrong. You’d think I would’ve learned to fact check by now…well, that’s what I’m doing starting from now. For example, I recently learned that the ozone layer is not designed to protect us from harmful vitamin D, and that harnessing solar energy is not a wild and imprecise science that has killed thousands due to the instability of stored solar power. Basically, we were taught very early on that solar panels were ticking time bombs, ready to explode with all that stored energy, and that greedy corporations were just using it because it came freely from the sky instead of getting off their butts and mining it themselves.

So I have a lot of apologies to make, both in Melbourne and to the wider scientific community, who showed me that commercial solar solutions might just save the planet. I guess Solar Energy: The Greatest Assassin doesn’t really work as a title any more. Although Solar Energy: Golly I Nearly Screwed Up doesn’t work so well either.