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Summer ready home

It’s important, now that summer is almost upon us, to start preparing for the change in seasons. It’s not just your wardrobe that has to change; there are a number of changes that you can make around the home to help you and your family better prepare for summer. Experienced companies that deal with air conditioner maintenance in Melbourne are a great place to start, but you at home can do things before the heat wave.

Checking the insulation of your home is a great way to assess how ready your home is for summer. A big drawback of the heat is the large energy bills; help reduce the cost of summer by ensuring you won’t be wasting money on inefficient cooling. Correct fitting and maintenance of insulation can cut up to 50% of your energy bills annually. Simple things such as closing windows and curtains at night, and opening them up during the day can make huge differences over the course of the year. It’s also important to shut your curtains in the morning when there is a hot day forecast. By locking things up early in the morning you’ll prevent the house from prematurely heating up. I know it may sound counterproductive, but closing heavy curtains early in the morning will make a big difference to the temperature in your home.

Before the colder months start, and especially before intensive usage, take care to check your cooling system is working correctly. Heating units should be serviced at least every 12 months, and the beginning of the hot season is the perfect time to check your system. Gas heating can be potentially dangerous if left unchecked. Broken gas heaters can leak carbon monoxide fumes, a potentially deadly and odourless gas. Speak to your expert in heating services near Sydney for details on heating safety.

These are just a few simple things that you can do to help keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Not How Air Con Works

Oh no. As heart-breaking as it sounds, Week of Our Lives is currently up for cancellation. I’m literally dying. There’s nothing else in my life besides this show, but there have been comments from the network executive that things are getting ‘stale’, and that it’s ‘time for a change’. What does it all mean? Me and my friends on the forums are all freaking out, and rightfully so. I knew that whole air conditioning story was trouble!

Cassie has been acting strangely for a while, and all was finally revealed in last night’s episode. Turns out that she’s actually the world’s most notorious hacker, and she’s been spending the last year hacking all of the air conditioning around Melbourne so she can enact her master plan: turning it all on at the same time when all the wealthy people are at work, sending their electricity bills soaring through the roof and making them pay for having money.

Not only was this story line not really focused on Realsville; it really ticked off the members of our community who appreciate the fine services of air conditioning that exist in Melbourne, some of whom even call our fair community their home. I get it…even I was pretty skeptical when Cassie hacked into the living room of the wealthy property investment baron who evicted their family when she was a little girl and ramped up the air con unit so that it froze him in a solid block of ice. Most air con units can’t even do that!

But to have the show cancelled…I’d have nothing left. This is my life, I’ve come to realise. If they get another episode, it’d better be one giant apology to the fine air conditioning servicing companies in Melbourne, and a return to form!!