Vegetables from scratch

During my recent visits to the supermarket, I’ve often left feeling disgruntled at the poor quality of the produce. Things were either mouldy, too ripe, or not ripe at all. Then out of the produce I did buy, once I’d cut into it I’d notice something that was always a bit off. I don’t get why I’m spending such a big portion of my paycheck on produce that isn’t of a decent quality? It’s due to this happening each and every single week that I decided to buy vegetable seeds online. I’m starting off simple for now and will be growing tomatoes and cucumbers. Now, before anyone jumps down my throat, I am aware that tomatoes are also considered a fruit but for the sake of this discussion, I shall be calling it a vegetable.

The other day I harvested my first lot of tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden. My gosh, it was delicious! Not only did I use them in a salad, but I also had enough tomatoes to make my own pasta sauce too. It’s safe to say that this inspired me to buy more seeds and plant more vegetables. I’ve started growing dill, basil, pumpkin, and strawberries. It’s times like this where I feel grateful that I have a large garden. I also noticed that the website had standard roses for sale, so I think I may buy some of these too to add a floral touch to my garden from an aesthetic point of view. If someone told me two years ago that I would have ended up becoming this much of a gardening addict, I definitely would have laughed at them. I also feel that homegrown vegetables are better for the environment as they’re not mass-produced and shipped around in trucks. I still do my best to support independent farmers where I can. When my produce isn’t ready, I visit the Sunday market and purchase produce from there. It’s a much more pleasant experience than shopping at a supermarket.


Rough Rose Landing

Somehow, both of the pilots on our plane had become unconscious. The plane was going down, as Veronica and I rushed to the front to see what we could do. Veronica thought there was no way she’d be able to pilot a plane, but we called air traffic control to ask for advice anyway. They asked if anybody on the plane has flying experience, and let me tell you, I’ve never felt more proud in my life. Of course I have flying experience; I’m a bee! What is a plane if not a giant metal bee? By all laws of aerodynamics, a plane nor a bee should not be able to fly because they are too heavy. And yet we fly anyway because we don’t care what humans think. I’d make sure Veronica landed this plane safely so that she could ensure there are standard roses for sale everywhere.

After a bit of struggling, we managed to steady the plane and began our descent toward the Melbourne airport, but we realised we had no idea how to land a plane. That’s when I used my bee telekinesis to contact the rest of my hive, requesting their immediate help. “Barry,” I told my brother, Barry, “we totally need your help to land this plane. If you help, my girlfriend, Veronica, will have hybrid tea roses for sale within the week. You were wanting to buy some hybrid tea roses, right? So, you’ve got to help us, bro.”

To my amazement, the entire hive came to assist. They positioned themselves underneath the plane, allowing us to land it properly. Veronica moved the plane about, unsure where to go, so I had some of the other bees create a target on the ground. Eventually, we got the plane down safely. After that, it was just a matter of getting the pollen out of our flower cargo and using it to restore life to all the other flowers around Melbourne. Everything worked out just swell, in the end!

– Benedict the Blogging Bee

Heroes As You’re Growing Up

custom snapper racksI grew up with some really cool cartoons, like everyone in my awesome generation. Sure, they taught me some weird things- like, Colonel Universe made me believe that all coffee beans were evil and should never be farmed- but otherwise they were full of moral lessons that were woven with the narrative with expertise. Unlike nowadays, seriously…it’s all so blatant and transparent. Kids aren’t that stupid.

Though it’s weird how I used to define doing ‘something’ with my life. I used to want to be one of the Bosses of the Multiverse, like in the series She-Woman and the Bosses of the Multiverse. Wow, that was really progressive now that I think about it. A woman who uses a magic sword to fight evil from the back of a giant wolf? So cool! But then you get older, and now I think, what…welding is cool? Fishing trips and snapper racks? There were no shows about welding and fishing when I grew up. All my heroes wielded swords and flew around blasting things with energy beams. I wonder…what is it that makes us change priorities?

The real world, I guess. I can’t join She-Woman’s band of defenders, because that doesn’t exist. I guess if the show’s ideas of justice really hit me and stayed relevant, I’d have become a police officer or something. But then, I didn’t, because I don’t think I’d be good at that. Eventually I became a cynical teenager, and I sort of liked the idea of working on marine fabrication and fishing rods and whatever. Huh. Seems boring now that I put it like that. But I guess that’s just the real world, and you can’t just grow up with your head in the clouds. Unless your dream is to write picture books or something, then it’s probably okay. I kind of like writing, even though I haven’t done much of it…maybe there’s a story to be told about Melbourne marine steel fabrication, and how it eventually led to one young man using his welding skills to become a Boss of the Multiverse. I’m really just a big kid, I guess.