Vegetables from scratch

During my recent visits to the supermarket, I’ve often left feeling disgruntled at the poor quality of the produce. Things were either mouldy, too ripe, or not ripe at all. Then out of the produce I did buy, once I’d cut into it I’d notice something that was always a bit off. I don’t get why I’m spending such a big portion of my paycheck on produce that isn’t of a decent quality? It’s due to this happening each and every single week that I decided to buy vegetable seeds online. I’m starting off simple for now and will be growing tomatoes and cucumbers. Now, before anyone jumps down my throat, I am aware that tomatoes are also considered a fruit but for the sake of this discussion, I shall be calling it a vegetable.

The other day I harvested my first lot of tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden. My gosh, it was delicious! Not only did I use them in a salad, but I also had enough tomatoes to make my own pasta sauce too. It’s safe to say that this inspired me to buy more seeds and plant more vegetables. I’ve started growing dill, basil, pumpkin, and strawberries. It’s times like this where I feel grateful that I have a large garden. I also noticed that the website had standard roses for sale, so I think I may buy some of these too to add a floral touch to my garden from an aesthetic point of view. If someone told me two years ago that I would have ended up becoming this much of a gardening addict, I definitely would have laughed at them. I also feel that homegrown vegetables are better for the environment as they’re not mass-produced and shipped around in trucks. I still do my best to support independent farmers where I can. When my produce isn’t ready, I visit the Sunday market and purchase produce from there. It’s a much more pleasant experience than shopping at a supermarket.