What Went Down in the Play Centre

childrens play centre You guys, it happened again, I’m SO triggered this time, seriously. For one thing, they just swept the whole fishmonger thing under the rug and pulled the ‘evil twin’ schtick. Ugh, even I saw that coming. I (yes, ME) was on the verge of quitting Week of Our Lives for a few weeks until they managed to sort out the tangle, but then they dropped a bombshell at the end of the premiere. Mm, I just have to keep watching!

So, they had the party at the kids birthday party venue, Croydon’s finest, which I thought was weird because WOOL takes place in a fictional town. I guess Realsville just doesn’t have its own play centre. What do Croydon’s actual play centres feel about a fictionalised version of themselves being represented on screen? Maybe they got filming permission and actually shot it on location, but then some crazy drama went down in there. It’s not like that’d make people want to use a birthday party venue for their children. Hmm, maybe there’s a lawsuit in the works. Or maybe in the next episode they all go BACK to the play centre and iron out their differences and everyone has a good romp in the ball pit and all is indeed well.

Yeah, so, anyway…Hiro was sweeping the floors once the place had closed, because that’s his job, when he was approached by a shadowy figure. As literally the only foreign person in Realsville I’ve always wanted Hiro to get his own storyline, and sure enough, this is it. The cloaked figure was…his long lost uncle! Who in their native Japan is the emperor of a massive empire of indoor play centres! Croydon was a test for the company in Australia, with Hiro sent in as a sleeper agent without even knowing.

Will Hiro take up his destiny to entertain children across Australia? Will Hannah ever reconcile with the fact that her mother was turned into a seagull by an ancient curse? What’s up with Anita growing back her severed limb? And what do the Croydon indoor play centres actually think of this in real life?

I have to keep watching. I just…ugh, HAVE to.