Waiting for the Termite Verdict

Frankston termite inspectionsIs it bad that I hope my work building falls down? Not that I HATE my job or anything, but we just got a week off and I couldn’t be more chuffed. No one’s hurt, the building is getting renovated from that drafty mess that it used to be and the boss is really sad but he’ll get over it. It’s not like I’m hoping that the Frankston pest control people fail or anything.

Not at all. Nope.

Maybe a little bit. Hey, pest control people do a good job, but they’re not miracle workers! It happened with my Uncle Seb’s place: infected with termites for months, and he just thought that it’d sort itself out. No problem, right? Then part of his roof caved in and he knew he’d made a big mistake. It was too late to save his cabin, so it basically became kindling.

I don’t really know how we all missed it, to be honest. The place was all wood panelling from the 70s, really cheap stuff that let in the cold wind and heated up in summer like nothing else. You’d think someone would’ve seen a little termite head poking through and thought…hmm, should probably say something about that. Apparently they’re sneakier than I thought, because the problem was pretty serious by the time we all got kicked out to make room for the exterminators.

So yeah, week off work! And maybe, if they decided it’s too much, we’ll be moving to a new building. That’s what the company needs, anyway: a big shakeup to cure all the droning monotony down here in sleepy Frankston. The termite control people must be finishing up soon…guess I’ll see what they say. Crossing my fingers for a complete collapse, though…for the good of the company!