Three Types of Corporate Functions Made Fun with Ice Skating

function rooms MelbourneGetting your team out of the office is a great way to build motivation and togetherness. The trouble is organising an event that is going to elicit enthusiastic grins rather than yawns and eye-rolls. For companies looking for places to hire function rooms, Melbourne has ice skating rinks that provide a unique experience for your team. Here are three different ways to do corporate functions that are fun and won’t put your staff to sleep. Take your team out for a day of activities at an ice skating rink and see their motivation and confidence soar. Even if your team don’t know how to ice skate, their experiences while learning to skate build self-esteem and bring them closer together. Organised activities such as bumper balls, obstacle courses and ice hockey get your team thinking in new ways and benefiting from the competitive environment. These activities are as fun and rewarding for adults as they are for the kids.

Take your staff to a training day at an ice skating rink for a unique and memorable experience. Staff benefit from being in a new environment during training days, because it gives them a sense of enthusiasm and openness. Whether you want to hold your activities on or off the ice, ice skating rinks prove you the option of utilising a function room without skating, and simply enjoying the special backdrop of the rink. What better way to spend your Christmas party than at a skating rink surrounded by ice. Escape from Melbourne’s sweltering summer weather and seek refuge in the cool enclave of the ice skating rink. Here you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to enjoy a ‘white Christmas’ while enjoying your end of year celebrations with your staff, showing your appreciation for their hard work and rewarding their efforts with a memorable time.

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