Searching for dry needling courses

dry needlingIf there’s anyone bad at searching the web, it’s me. People say I’ve got my head buried in the sand but it’s more like wherever I go I’m followed by a big sand storm. I’m always the last to hear about events, if I even hear about them at all. And whenever I need something I assume it doesn’t exist because, of course, I can’t find it. If it wasn’t for dry needling courses close to Auckland, I’d still be floundering in my own musculoskeletal pain.

I was having pains in my back, neck and shoulders. And my boyfriend’s massage skills weren’t doing me any favours. It’s hard to put these pains and symptoms into words. I know I had to find some manual therapy but didn’t know how to go about it. I tried searching for “pulsing pain” but got no results and later discovered that people usually say “throbbing”, then I searched for chiropractors but when I saw the chiro he told me that I was in the wrong place. He told me to see the osteopath so I did that and the same thing happened. She brushed me off and told me she could do nothing for me. I felt forlorn. I screamed into the night, “Wherefore art thou pain treatment?”

It was by pure chance that I saw the little college across the road, because I could have been searching the internet forever in vain, not knowing what I was looking for or how to find it. I knew that trigger point dry needling was for me. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to move to Adelaide soon to look after my boyfriend’s sickly elderly aunt, but I discovered that I can take a dry needling course in the Adelaide CBD. The treatment was so effective that now I’m going to study it. I just want to bring the relief from pain that I experienced to other people and make them smile.