Just Find a Mechanic You Trust…

car service RingwoodWell, that’s the very last time I get my car service done at Sharky Joe’s Mechanic Emporium. I know the whole thing was done online, a guy came to pick up the car and drop it off, thus meaning that I was even less involved in my car servicing than usual…but it seemed like such a good deal. Fifty bucks for a full service! And then I got a call from a guy who said that they COULD drive my car back, but unless I shelled out an extra five-hundred bucks for parts, then the whole vehicle could just expire at any time.

And I can’t contest that, because I know nothing about cars, so…I said no. I will have my car back, Sharky Joe. I’ll have it back, and not do anything until I’ve found a local mechanic based in Ringwood who I can talk to face to face.

They always say that, don’t they? I think I have found a place that offers the best car servicing Ringwood has to offer.  They seem to be an honest place, with professional mechanics to talk to. Mechanics with whom I may interact, anyway. So if I have a problem with log book servicing, or there’s an auto-electrical problem, then I can be there and they can explain it to me. I can find out how serious it is, and whether it’ll cause mild irritation or just make my entire car go bust on my morning commute, endangering my life and the lives of several other motorists.

Sharky Joe’s may have been cheap, but they’re clearly trying to rip me off because I wasn’t involved in the car process at all. Well, no more. Definitely no more, because I just called Sharky Joe’s to give them a piece of my mind and their number has been disconnected.

Time to head over to Ringwood, car mechanics who are honest are not easy to find.  This place comes well-recommended, so I’ll go with them instead. There IS something to be said for the human touch rather than deal hunting online…