Getting Folks to Collingwood

keysCollingwood doesn’t have the best reputation, it’s true. If people actually visited, they might realise that it’s actually kind of a nice place, quiet in a way that most inner-city places aren’t and in possession of a few nice little cafes here and there. A Melbourne suburb without a nice café is like a suburb without running water, after all. So that’s why I wish more businesses would invest here, instead of buying into the whole ‘no teeth’ stereotype. Thank you very little, AFL.
In fact, I even know of a few nooks and crannies where some interesting businesses might thrive. I’ve been in touch with Collingwood conveyancing people, and they’ve all told me that they’d love to help new residents and businesses move in! And yes, that’s sort of their job to make that happen, but still…I think it’ll be lovely to see, this place thriving again. There’s a special subsidy scheme going on that will help business owners with their conveyancing needs, setting up a business and dealing with finances. The council actually spent a great deal on advertising, so you might have seen the billboard: the nice girl steaming some milk behind a café counter while some very happy customers chat in the background. We made sure that there was another, pre-made coffee siting there that looked amazing, so people got the message even clearer: this girl set up a café in Collingwood, and it’s going great. Her café is full and the customers are happy! Some said it was too saccharine, but I disagree. In fact, we used muted yet gentle colours to bring out her expression of contentment. Oh, and then we got a local copywriting company to give us some text about conveyancing solicitors and how they can help with the conveyancing process, as is their job, but that’s also the part that scares a lot of people. Just you all wait. Collingwood will be great again. I’ll do my best to make that happen. Because I work for the council and that’s my job, but also sentimental reasons!