Daydreaming of Finance and Obstacle Courses

daydreamsIt’s always a bit of a lottery, competing in athletics tournaments at my age. But that big TV show, Australia’s Greatest Shinobi, is coming to Melbourne, and even though I’m a little bit past my prime, I’m willing to try out.

It’s funny how I divide my time. I work in an office during the week and I don’t talk about any of this stuff, so most people probably just think I run or something. But I have all this going on. Not that I let any of it take away from anything else, because I work with people who do things like leasing and conveyancing around Bentleigh, so I need to be switched on. I try not to let the worlds cross over, but sometimes I’ll be clambering over an obstacle and thinking about my financial planning, or I’ll be in the office and I’ll suddenly figure out a better way up the climbing wall. They’re two very important things, so naturally there’s going to be some crossover, but I’m worried about how much I think about one while doing the other. Conveyancing can be a tricky game, what with things changing, house prices going up and down, solicitors relying on me to keep them updated. So I need to keep my head in the game. What if I’m in the middle of Australian Shinobi and I suddenly remember that I have some paperwork that needs filing? And then I’m up the creek because I miss the rope swing and it adds a whole four seconds to my time, and then I end up taking second place. Or worse.

Maybe I should just pick me. Australian Shinobi isn’t going to pay the bills. Maybe the people who do conveyancing around Carlton and wherever else actually need my help. But still, I can’t stop moving. I’m committed to the lifestyle, and I can dream, at least…