Tired Car Talk

It’s one of those days. I’ve hit a wall, there’s no milk left for coffee (and I’m not drinking black instant coffee, yick), plus I know I have an absolute beast of a commute coming up, so not really looking forward to that. Oh, and there’s youth group tonight, so I’m not getting home until about 10 anyway. And then I can do it all again tomorrow! Hopefully with more sleep under my belt, though.

My mind is so distracted that I’m actually making a valid to-do list instead of working, which is how you know I’m completely far gone. I know I have to find a new mechanic, Ringwood based or otherwise, because I just started driving our family friend’s car on long loan, and I’m seriously paranoid. The fact that it’s my first auto car is nice, don’t get me wrong, and I enjoyed driving on the freeway this morning whilst eating an apple in my free hand. It has cruise control as well…very nice. Also it beeps at me when I don’t put on my seatbelt, and for many other reasons. What was I saying?

Oh yeah, so…I need to find a good mechanic who’ll take good care of it, because getting a car for six months is awesome, and that’s a favour I need to repay. Doesn’t help that it’s about two feet longer than all the small cars I’ve owned in the past, and so I’m ultra-paranoid about parking it. I’ve been intentionally parking a zillion miles away and walking in, just because I don’t want to bump anything, and I still suck at parking.

So yeah. Mechanic needed. And I should make notes on them as well, just in case there are any really good garages for brake services. Ringwood drivers, please know that I’m not planning on any huge collisions, but… got to be safe. Got to be… safe.

I’m so tired.