The Room of Zero Emergencies

oxygen therapy MelbourneOkay, there’s officially nothing to watch. How unfair is it that all the shows go on hiatus at exactly the same time, anyway? There are a bunch of emotionally-exhausting season finales, and then…silence. They couldn’t just spread them out a little bit more?

Since Jack of All Trades and The Great Australian Trade Off both wrapped up, I’ve had nothing. I’m reduced to watching old reruns of ‘NER’ (that’s Non-Emergency Room), and I’m really wondering why they bothered to make the show in the first place. It’s really just a bunch of attractive people having relationship dramas while tending to patients with small cuts on their fingers, or slightly worse-than-usual colds.

The one time they did anything adventurous was with that episode about the portable hyperbaric chambers. Available for hire in Melbourne, it almost seems prophetic, but this was in the nineties when this thing aired. Basically, the main drama of the episode was that Linda got involved in hyperbaric medicine, and her parents thought it sounded a bit strange. Also, they really wanted her to continue with her cardiology course, but they were won over by the end of the episode and said that Linda could make her own decisions. So Linda went to study hyperbaric medicine, and that was it. Nobody is going to change her mind once she sets it on a goal. 

Wow…this show really WAS boring. If Week of Our Lives ever tackled an oxygen therapy episode- and let’s be honest, they probably have by now- it’d be something totally wacky and bizarre. So I guess Melbourne’s oxygen therapy got a more respectful treatment in this show from the nineties, even if they did the same thing they do with everything else and made it dull as ditchwater. Maybe that’s better, or perhaps the opposite. But dull or not, I can’t stop watching. Maybe it’s the ultimate in comfort television, because nothing ever happens.