Styling to get top dollar

Melbourne interior stylistSelling our home has been a bit of a nightmare, and I’m willing to admit it’s mostly my fault. We’re finally downsizing, twenty years after the children have moved out and all have families of their own. Harold and I have talked about it for yonks, but it wasn’t until I caught him trying to drive his mobility scooter up the stairs that we decided that perhaps we needed a nice, one-floor bungalow type place with minimal garden space to look after. We’ve even got our eye on a nice little place on the edge of Keymore, owned by Deirdre Dawes. She’s clinging to life right now, the old sausage, but once she throws in the towel we’ll be right on the place in a flash.

The thing about Harold and me is that between the two of us, we tend to forget most things. With the small fortune we’re getting from this massive place compared to where we’re moving, we thought we’d splash out a bit and look around Melbourne for an property staging stylist, just to give the place a bit of a kick. We haven’t done much decorating, and we want to fetch a nice price for it so the grandkids can go to college without having to worry about the government slashing their funds. So we got a stylist to make the place look a little bit grander, dusting the windows and maybe replacing the door handles with some even nicer door handles. It was MY idea, I’ll add, which is why it quickly became embarrassing that I forgot who this person in my home was and told them they can clamp up and take their opinions on my own home somewhere else. Maybe it was simple forgetfulness, or perhaps I’m more house-proud than I thought, but I’ve chased three interior home styling designers from Melbourne out of the house this way and I think we’ve earned ourselves a black mark in the industry. Oh, I just get so worked up if they tell me the grandfather clock should be moved to the hallway, or that the stained glass in the kitchen makes the place look dark. It’s my place, I’ll do what I want! Then Harold tells me that we hired these people specifically to alter the house and make it more appealing. That’s what home staging is all about. Perhaps next time we get one of them in, I’ll go for a long walk..