Signage at the trade show

sign writersI own a company that specialises in designing, importing and supplying luxury linen. We’re pretty new in the business, we’ve been running it for about four years and since then we’ve expanded greatly. We definitely need to hire more employees because my partner and I can’t keep up with all the work. Anyway, recently we went to a trade show and that’s when I realised that we need to invest in some signage and call the sign writers. Melbourne business have some beautiful and eye catching business signs, for example outside the office and inside the office behind the reception desk and we actually have neither.

We designed our logo when we opened the business but I think it needs to be redone by a professional designer. We did it ourself so it looks really amateur and I think it discredits our company. A properly designed and beautiful logo will add authority and credibility to our company, and also help us with marketing by distinguishing our brand. I haven’t given it too much thought yet but I’m thinking something that evokes the softness and lavishness of our high-end luxury linen.

At the trade show, many of the companies there also had banners. Melbourne, where we live, is full of business like ours so we want to set ourselves apart. We certainly did stand out as the company in the corner with no signage. It’s high time we hired a signwriter, I say. Although we did get to do a bit of networking at the trade show, we would have done a lot better had we had some signs. As I said, it would have made us seem more establishes, professional and trustworthy, not just a small start up that’s risky and precarious. I’ve been researching a few of the Melbourne sign writer companies and turns out they can also do the design aspect as well, so we can hit two birds with one stone.