Passing an old love on to my children

marine fabricationThere’s something entirely freeing about the sea air, don’t you think? As if it has the power to release you from all obligations and let you be your own person – your truest self. Of course, in today’s day and age, getting to the sea is no easy feat, nor is it a piece of cake to pass on a love of the ocean to your children. I wish the person luck who’s going to try and convince a sixteen year old boy to get up out of bed before dawn, my son won’t move an inch until lunchtime. My daughter, on the other hand, is always up bright and early when we decide to take the boat out for a spin. She has a real knack for it and, I hope, a genuine love for it too. Often, when I go into the shed for one reason or another, she’s already in there, doing something abstract like fixing some rigging or wiping down a bait board. I asked her once why she does it and she responded by saying it gives her a sense of peace. In this crazy world, I say you grab a moment of peace where ever you can, even if it is inside a dimly lit shed.

Once in awhile, the boat needs a little bit more than a careful wash down. Once in awhile, it needs some kind of addition, or we, in our laziness, tell ourselves it does in order to justify whatever new trinket or toy we desire. That is when it’s time to call the best marine fabrication experts Melbourne has to offer. They make everything to the specifications of your boat, customising it to make it fit and work to perfection. It’s like a small gift-to-self, buying their works of seemingly effortless craftsmanship. A present that my daughter and I can share.