Ninjas invaded my drain

Melbourne drain unblocking companyI have tried to do everything as a parent that my parents never did for me. When my kids want to go to the park, I take them. When they want to have guitar lessons, they get them. When they want to go see a horse in the wild, I find one. So when my youngest son Toby asked me to have his friends over for a ninja party after school one day I of course thought, what a wonderful idea. Here I am, two days later with a blocked drain, no running water and a prospectively large drain repair bill. Toby and his friends decided to see how many little ninja action figures they could fit down the kitchen sink. At least we now all know that it is twelve. It doesn’t make many replica ninja action figures down a kitchen drain before it blocks and ruptures the entire thing. Thank you Toby. Having blocked drains in Melbourne can be pretty frustrating. Water is fairly essential and at the moment we are barely getting any. We’ve managed to find one tap that seems to work because it’s not connected to the main pipe, thank goodness. I have made arrangements for a drain unblocking company in Melbourne to come and fix it all up. It looks like we’ll have another 24 hours at least functioning at very dehydrated levels. I am hoping they can remove the blockage and fix my pipes without it costing too much. I have tried explaining the consequences of his actions to Toby but he is still reeling at the success of his ninja party and has even begun planning the next one. I don’t have the heart to tell him that it is never happening again. I have been told it is highly unlikely that any system parts will need replacing so I am praying we will still be able to afford our summer holiday this year.