I want to be number one

beauty and makeup courses MelbourneIn any relationship the most important thing is to maintain your own personal identity. It is vital to retain your hobbies, interests and friends that are solely yours and not your partners. Jess and I maintain a high sense of individualism to keep ourselves interesting and to some extent independent from the other. I speak to too many people who have blurred into one person and no longer find their partner desirable as a result.

A client recently came to me to discuss some identity issues, she was struggling to find herself within her relationship and saw herself simply as ‘a girlfriend’. I asked her if she had any passions prior to the relationship that she could reclaim. She told me of love of all things beauty, she had always been interested in cosmetics and beauty therapy. She had even looked into a few beautician courses but then she met prince charming and devoted herself to him entirely. This didn’t leave any room for her own personal development.

If the one you love isn’t willing to let you invest in yourself then you may want to rethink that partnership. A true partner is one who encourages and enables self discovery and growth, anyone that opposes that sentiment is less of a partner and more of an owner.

I encouraged my client to enroll in a beauty course, Melbourne is buzzing with opportunities and it is time she seized one. I saw some of her previous amateur makeup work with friends for weddings and various events and the girl has serious talent! She can transform even those less fortunate among us into shining beauties. I can tell that she’s going to go far in the makeup and beauty therapy field is she dedicates herself to it.

Finding success along your own path will not only do wonders for your own happiness and satisfaction but also for your partners. You have no greater ally than yourself!