I Object…To People Not Watching This

Melbourne property solicitorsKAWAII.

Sorry. I just had to express my excitement at the amazing discovery I’ve just made. I thought I’d pretty much watched every single anime of 2017, even if I dropped most of them after the pilot episode for being inadequate. When there are so many around, you can’t afford to get too invested in those that aren’t up to scratch. Everyone knows that.

But then my tomodachi sent me a link to Hai, Objection!, which didn’t win any awards and thus totally passed me by. I was blown away, for real. Hai, Objection! is slice-of-life, a genre I’m not usually too interested in due to the lack of dragons and magical explosion battles, but it was a recommendation from my nakama. And if there’s one thing us otaku cannot ignore, it’s that. And gosh, as soon as I saw the opening scene- protagonist-san, rushing to school, with a piece of toast in their mouth- I was bowled over by the animation budget.

And I’ll tell you what: I’m learning a lot about commercial law in Melbourne, because that’s what the show is all about. Who knew establishing an animation studio in Melbourne would produce such quality content? Anyway, it’s all about protagonist-san and their quest through law school to become an esteemed business lawyer and…conduct business law, I suppose. It’s been their dream, ever since their father died in a freak sentencing hearing explosion. Already, the backstory is all there, along with the motivation.

Apart from that one explosion, it’s mostly been dialogue, and the occasional lecture on the nature of solicitors and their role in the legal system. Still, protagonist-san as plenty of misadventures outside of class, like when he accidentally got himself into a situation where the girls thought he was a pervert, and the many other times that happened in the first couple of episodes. Also, they hosted a cultural fair. I didn’t even know legal schools in Melbourne had those, but there you go!

All I know is that if I ever need help with understanding the role of a property solicitor, in Melbourne, I’ll get all I need from Hai, Objection! and its totally-accurate depiction of law school, and cat-human hybrids. Apparently it gives them the edge in a court of law, probably because most people don’t have tails. Pshh…they need to watch more anime.