Fish Burgers, Not Motor Repair

outboard motor repairSo, employers check Visage-Tome accounts before job interviews now. Okay…great…wasn’t aware of THAT before I went for the interview, but I sure am now, after they brought up my holiday in January. Look, it’s not really fair to say that was my fault. That camel was out of control from the moment I got on it, and the whole Gatorade thing didn’t help. And the picture makes everything look WAY worse than it actually was, especially since the guy lost his arm in a simultaneous yet unrelated incident. Nothing to do with me. That’s the truth.

They didn’t care though, so I guess I’m back to selling fish burgers by the docks. Yep, just watching the world go by. Watching all of Melbourne’s outboard motor repair people going about their jobs, wishing I could do that job, because I’d be great at it.

At least they didn’t look at my Tweeter, because they probably would’ve found even more stuff they didn’t like. That’s the thing about Tweeter…people send you all sorts of crazy and incriminating things. But then, I don’t see how my crazy camel holiday works into boat repairs, so it shouldn’t have any bearing on my job prospects. That’s what holidays are for! You go and do some fun things that you wouldn’t think of doing, things that have NOTHING to do with your job because that’s the entire point of a holiday in the end. Obviously.

See, the fish burger people seem to be perfectly fine with what I get up to on vacation. The lesson here is that life is unfair…people are unfair…job interviews are definitely unfair. The fact that I can’t do marine trailer repairs shouldn’t be held against me, as well as my complete lack of any sort of mechanical knowledge. I can make burgers! Also, ride a camel!