Changing the game with toolboxes

ute toolbox MelbourneThe sprites in my game are up to something. I never should have given them the power of aluminium accessories. You remember how I introduced different materials with their characteristic features? At the time I was pleased that the tradespeople of my RPG game have started up their own guild. It is more of a union at this point.

The tradespeople are refusing to work, basically. I intended to create a more self-sufficient and industrious society by gifting them with materials of varying properties, but I am not sure this is progress. I was hoping they would build up their city, creating functional places to work, live and play. Instead, they have fashioned their materials into tools of protest.

Their massive utility vehicles, which I thought would be perfect for transporting materials to building sites, are being used to block off entire sections of the city. Who knew they would work out a way to haul equipment in the ute toolbox. Melbourne has had it’s own issues with unions; it rarely works out well for the people of the city.

The tradespeople are now demanding more pay and better conditions. They want their a two-day weekend instead of a single day of rest, which I thought was quite generous. Do they not understand that if they do not build, they will have nowhere to rest on their days of leisure? There is something wrong with the logic of this game world, perhaps I should add something to their water to reduce dissent and increase their thinking prowess.

I am not sure what to do at this point. I have been contemplating changing the code so that they no longer have access to vehicles with roof racks and bars, but even I cannot anticipate the effect this would have on their fledgling society. Something must be done, but what? They need my intervention, and I cannot exactly put them on pause while I deliberate over the best course of action. From my perspective, there is no good way to deal with this; hopefully I can find a solution which causes the least amount of disruption to the game.