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Mum always used to say that I was the filthiest daughter she ever had. I said, it’s just clothes on the floor of my room it’s not actually dirty. Messy and dirty are two different things. But I guess leaving clothes on the floor was the first step in what was to become a cascade into filthiness. It wasn’t until we needed commercial fridge repairs at my restaurant in Sydney that I realised my mother was right all along. And she was also right when she said that I never should have gotten a career in hospitality, let alone a catering service.

Well, I did tell my assistant kitchen hand to clean the fridge out but okay, okay, the responsibility was all my own. I should have taken out all of that old decaying and rotting food instead of stuffing more stuff in and cramming the fridge overfull. When the refrigerator malfunctioned, none of us noticed…. Until it was too late. But by that stage, we had people vomiting up our food and the phone ringing off the hook: angry customers and OHS officers out for blood.

Man, you can’t imagine how bad I feel about making all those people sick. We should have got the refrigerator repairs done before things got out of hand. And I should have had a better hygiene system, like clean out the fridge every once in awhile or whatever. Thankfully we had a major brand of fridge and the whirlpool repairs near Sydney were completed in no time. I got smacked with a great big fine though, which sucks.

I’m actually thinking of getting out of the restaurant and catering industry. It’s too risky, especially for someone with such extreme hygiene lapses as me. I’m thinking about maybe pursuing a career where hygiene doesn’t matter as much, like maybe nursing or midwifery. I’ll show you, Mum.