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The best part time job for a programming student

video game design courseSince I started studying I’ve been trying to find the best part time job to compliment my video game design course. Melbourne is a pretty good place for young people to find jobs so I’ve had no trouble, and I’ve changed jobs a couple of times. I’m still trying to find the best one for me while I study.

During my first year of university I worked in hospitality. It’s a popular choice, I know, but it’s also hard work. Working in bars and nightclubs provided a nice breather from staring at screens and talking about computer programming and web design all the time. I did however get into some good chats with people about gaming and met a few cute girls who are into that stuff too. Eventually, I started to feel that I was wasting my time because I was getting paid minimum wage and having to work strange hours of the night. To be honest, the lifestyle was getting to me too, so I changed jobs to something a little closer to my app design course. Melbourne had good employ opportunities at the time so it wasn’t long before I found a new job.

My second job while at uni was at a computer shop. I happen to be an app and software fanatic more so than a hardware geek so while this was a little more relevant to my area of study, it was still not perfect. I was getting paid a little more than I was before, and I didn’t come home smelling of spilt beer and sweat. After a while though I was itching to start utilising the skills from my app design course in the real world. So I applied for a bunch of network security jobs and got an entry level job at a specialist medical practice. This allows me to use some of my programming skills but it’s still a little divergent from my field in video game development. Ah well, I’ll be working in the industry soon enough after finishing my degree.