Eccentric problems

pest control

I live in an old house, a pretty, victorian house with gorgeous little eccentricities you just can’t find in somewhere newer, more modern. Part of the charm of my beautiful old house is where it’s located – in the middle of nowhere. I know it’s not for most people, but I live the kind of lifestyle where living a bit apart from society is a bit of a necessity. What I’m trying to say, is that I live this far out of the city by choice, my choice. But living in the countryside and having an old house can create a bit of a problem when something goes wrong.

When I moved in originally, the price tag of the place took into account the fact that it had a termite problem. Nothing too severe, not too much havoc wrecked, but enough that some work would need to be done. Accordingly, one of the first things I set about having done was to call a termite control firm in Dandenong, but you wouldn’t believe what I found out. To my dismay, they wouldn’t extend their services to my home. I realise that I live a far way out the the Dandenong region, so this wasn’t a particularly great shock, but at the same time, I’d set my expectations rather high. A close friend of mine who has been in a similar predicament with his dream home had recommended this particular company as an expert in the field, so I was hoping for the best.

Although they weren’t able to help me, that particular branch of the firm recommended me to a colleague who typically serviced the pakenham area. The pest control branch in Pakenham were, in fact, happy to service my house, but unfortunately, this problem has recurred again and again over the years. It just doesn’t seem to go away, and even though I love the house, I’m over it. I just want to live in a place where the walls aren’t falling down around me.