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The carpet was too clean

carpet steam cleaning needed

My aunt went away on holidays and I had a party. Immature, I know, but hey, I am forty and still living with my parents so I guess it’s safe to say that I’m an immature guy. Somewhere along the line I discovered beer and I never grew up since then. Those things keep me young. Well, I still feel young, probably don’t look it. Usually though I just party in my little room which gets filled up quickly and the carpet was long stained. The rest of the house is immaculate, just the way mum keeps it. She doesn’t even let us in the door with our shoes on, and if you try it the old witch will smack you with a broomstick.

I knew I was going to need carpet cleaning as soon as I put the party invite out on facebook. I knew there was going to be beer and water spilt everywhere and other things getting into the carpet. I know a good company that does stain removal near Melbourne (I’ve used them before) and when the time came, I called them and they arrived with no hassle at all. They were speedy to the scene and efficient with the cleaning. My dole money paid for the carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning. Afterwards, everything was sparkling, spick and span. I didn’t even have to specify that I badly needed odour removal, Melbourne carpet cleaners knew the drill. I looked at the carpet and sighed with relief, little expecting the trouble that was to come…

So Mum steps in the door and says, ‘Something funny about this place.’ I’m thinking, ‘She’ll never notice I had a party, surely!’ Then she struts over to the carpet and bends down, has a sniff. ‘This carpet is too clean,’ she said, ‘You had a party, haven’t you?!’ Busted.