roof repairs

Leaving your roof repairs till the last minute

roof repairsAre you the type of person that leaves things until the last minute to deal with? I am. All throughout school, I’d complete my assignments hours before they were due, usually after having been up all night procrastinating. These days, anything that I’m not pressured to do by my boss, I leave til the last minute. At the moment I’m struggling with my home repairs. I’ve got a leaky roof problem that I’ve left for way too long. It all started when I didn’t trim the vines. Then the vines grew rampantly into the roof and when it rained they got soggy and now the roof is leaking. This is what happens when you live in grey, rainy Melbourne. Roof repairs wouldn’t be necessary if it wasn’t for the terrible weather.

Other things I’ve left way too long include getting the led light windows fixed, getting the leaky tap fixed, getting the broken glass in the shower fixed. I just can’t seem to get off my butt and do it. I mean, the bedroom’s getting drafty where the window’s fallen out, the leaking tap is probably costing me hundreds in water bills and the broken glass in the shower – well, enough said. Perhaps after getting the leaking roof repair, Melbourne won’t seem like such a big bad place after all, and I’ll finally get around to doing the things I’ve put off. Who knows, maybe the experience will be transformative. I’ll suddenly become proactive and start doing things that don’t even need to be done! Wow, can you image that? Doing something that hasn’t reached critical mass, just because it could be done. I have to admit, this roof repair situation has given me a new perspective on how things could be. There’d be no more rushing for deadlines, there’d be no more hassle and stress, my life would be organised and carefree. Who’d have through roof maintenance could give me such a new lease on life?