Grappling with Dad’s will

power of attorneyIn the modern world, death is more complicated than it ever was before. It’s as hard, if not harder, on the individual emotionally speaking. And if that wasn’t enough, then there are all the legal and financial matters…

Our Dad is on his deathbed. He’s had a good life and is dying at the ripe old age of 90. Still, it’s hard to say goodbye. Senility set in months ago, and his physical presence is barely hanging on. So we’ve had to go through the whole ordeal of arranging enduring power of attorney. Melbourne city has good lawyers who are apt for the job. It’s just a bit complicated now because he didn’t sort this stuff out while he was still able to. Sure he’s leaving us with a property each and a few thousand dollars (which i am ever grateful for, by the way) he’s also leaving us with the legal and financial mess that is his estate.

To make matters worse, we need to get this stuff sorted out before he kicks the bucket. Otherwise, it’s going to be nigh impossible to get probate. In Victoria, you need to apply for grant of probate from the supreme court, which can be tricky business. All of these legal matters relating to wills and estates does my head in, personally. It’s like a minefield. That’s why you need someone to help navigate like a lawyer who you give power of attorney.

Poor old Dad. I know he would have left most of his property and assets to me because I was his favourite, he just never got the chance to put that in writing. Now his wayward second son, my hedonistic and criminally insane brother, gets to cash in on half of everything. It’s fair but it’s just not right!