Are You Afraid of the Dark? You Should Be

home lighting solutionsYou know what? I don’t care who knows it any more. I’m afraid of the dark, and I think everyone else should be too.

I think I managed to push it down for most of my adult life, but then I ended up house sitting and things got complicated. Okay, so this was a three-storey home. The bedroom I’d be using was right at the very top and the living room was at the bottom, so the locking up procedure was nerve-racking. I’d have to turn off all the lights on the bottom floor, then high-tail it up the stairs while horrible blackness threatened to eat me up. And then I’d have to turn off the lights on THAT floor and go through the same thing to get back to my bedroom.

Every night. Three weeks. And then I went back to my place, and I’m slightly terrified just climbing up my ONE flight of stairs. That’s why I’ve been feverishly searching for commercial LED lighting services around Melbourne, because I need something a bit more high-tech to stave off the danger. Well, I say ‘high-tech’. I’d just like a few simple things.

First, a system whereby I can turn off the lights from the upper floor, so I can ascend the stairs in fully-lit comfort. Second, the ability to turn on the lights anywhere in the house, no matter where I am. Sometimes I’m in the living room, and it’s gotten dark and I have to go out into the entrance hall and fumble for the lights…it’s no good. And third: I want my lights to be BRIGHT. As in, switch them on and every single inch of every single room is illuminated like it’s broad daylight. Right now I have to rely on these horrible energy-saving bulbs that come on dim and take five minutes to give proper light.

I need zero-monster-assurance NOW. I’m sure Melbourne home lighting solutions have something for me. I mean, I can’t be the only one who rightfully fears what lies in the darkness.