laser hair removal

Home-grown cosmetics

laser hair removalWhen I was a young girl, I used to love making my own cosmetics. I loved the feel, the smell and the texture of natural ingredients, combining them into a bowl and applying these skin rejuvenating elixirs. I’d make face masks out of eggs, avocados and essential oils, scrubs out of honey and sugar, and all kinds of hair conditioners. I knew which plants have astringent properties to help tighten pores, which oils have antiseptic properties that boost skin health, and which foods can make your complexion glow. I even made my own wax out of melted sugar just like the ancient Egyptians used to do.

All of this was fun growing up but the benefits of these natural products reached their limits in my adulthood. I started off by getting permanent hair removal with laser hair removal treatment in Ballarat. I never looked back from that day. Permanent hair removal sure beats the sticky mess of sugar wax, and it’s going to last a lifetime.

Next I took a peek at other treatments offered at the Ballarat clinic. You wouldn’t believe the things they can do to enhance a woman’s appearance. There are dermal fillers to smooth wrinkles, lip fillers to perk up your lips and even stuff like eyebrow tattooing. I know the last one sound a bit strange but I actually need this because my hair is so fair that it looks like I have no eyebrows! It used to get to me as a kid when the other children would make fun of me and I guess I carried that stigma around with me ever since. So when I discovered that
Ballarat cosmetic tattooing can give me real eyebrows I was thrilled. As soon as I get my next pay cheque I’m going to book a consultation with the clinician about getting the eyebrow tattoos. They can do an incredible job with feather-thin lines that look totally nature. I cannot wait!

Planning the perfect wedding

I’m so proud of the work that my wedding team has done that I could cry. I feel like we’ve managed to pull together and really make something memorable. Not only am I apart of the team, but I am the leader and that is a good feeling. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I am the best man in little band and I am also the best man at the wedding. I’m married to the bride’s best friend and now that her good friend Amy is getting married to Darren they have asked me to help plan the wedding. I have a bit of a flare for design and have put together a few very successful dinner parties in my time. That must be the reason why they chose me to be the wedding planner. It’s been a difficult few months but I feel like I’ve put together the most magnificent wedding that I could possibly think of. The wedding is still a week away but I’m frantically trying to organise beauty treatments for the bride. Rightfully so she has requested that I get her an appointment for laser hair removal. Melbourne brides tend to go all out when it comes to looking perfect on their special day. Everything else has been organised and the only way that people can see what this wedding is going to be like is to attend. The bride is going to look incredible, her wedding dress cost more than my first car. The bride is in her mid 30’s but she looks like a teenager, probably due to her regular appointments for dermal fillers. Melbourne cosmetic treatments are some of the best in the world.  I hope that they love it, and I hope that they will be happy with the way it looks. I’ve tried my hardest to give my friends a dream wedding since mine was such a disaster.