A Feature Wall with Intellectual Value

custom wallpaperI’m really liking the idea of a feature wall in our new home, but only if it’s covered in cryptic messages. Like, I’m talking really weird, obscure stuff that’ll take me ages to figure out.

See, I just had a child, and that’s great, but it does mean I’ll be out of work for a while. I know for a lot of women, the extremely involving and fulfilling job of taking care of a baby is enough for the first few months, but my mind is a lot more active than that. I’m usually a forensic scientist, so there’s going to be quite the transition period from my mind being that active every day to just…not being active. I’ve done my research, I know you can get easy to remove wallpaper, so it can be taken down by the time little Watson is a bit older and we’re ready to have visitors again.

People say it won’t be that bad, but they don’t know me. My brain rebels at being stagnant. All the other mums in the group have said that I’ll have baby brain, that I’ll forget work because there’s going to be so much to do with the baby…and while I acknowledge that it’s going to be a lot of work, physically, my mind will wander. Hopefully, our new bit of wallpaper covered in brain teasers and cryptic messages in strange languages will be enough to keep me occupied. There’s room for fun stuff, of course. I plan to find some of my favourite ‘Where Is Wanda’ books from when I was young (the ones that got me into my line of work) and have some of it printed onto the wallpaper. When I get tired of cryptic puzzles and ancient riddles, I’ll just transition into looking for Wanda. That should calm me down. And making my own custom wallpaper is a decent enough way to fill my time, to begin with anyway…