Things Getting Heated on the Beach

Lorne beach appartment

The depth of my feelings has to count for something. Like, the latest episode of ‘Week of Our Lives’ was so impacting that it spontaneously caused a number to appear. It’s some very deep stuff.

Maybe it was partly to do with the fact that it was a beach episode. I hear the whole team got an anonymous donation from a fan than sent them all to film in a Lorne hotel for a weekend. Wow…being an actor is such a cushy gig. So they’re doing special episodes from the beach, and the summer sun is causing everyone’s tensions to flare up. Turns out that Judith has a saucy secret past with Adam, since Lorne was where they met all those years ago when they were both part of the cult that believed the Earth belonged to a secret breed of rabbit people and one day there would be an adorable, fluffy reckoning. They fell in love while walking on the beach and dreaming of how they’d one day be in charge of carrot flavour research, which is now bringing Judith into conflict with Yelena. Turns out Adam lied to Yelena and told her that he used to be part of a charity that sent agents to other countries to rescue treat rabbit addictions, and now she’s very ticked off. Doesn’t help that the hotel they were in turned out to have a zero-tolerance policy when it came to camels, so Pamela’s efforts to start a camel rental business from her hotel room were stifled from the get-go, and now she can’t pay Pablo back. And when Pablo is the leader of the clown mafia? That’s no good for anyone.

At least I’m getting some GREAT ideas for holidays in Lorne. Luxury beach apartments just look lovely. And in real life they’re probably not full of camels, either.