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My wife, bless her

dermal fillers Melbourne

My wife recently called me and told me she had arranged an appointment for me with a cosmetic dermatologist in Melbourne. I told her I had no need to see a doctor I am perfectly fine. She did not cancel the appointment. Two weeks later I found myself at a consultation, my wife came along to, about my ageing process. I was a little unclear where this was all heading, I told the doctor I am ageing appropriately and have no cause for concern. My wife then interjected and said she was concerned about my lips, they had deteriorated a little in old age and she felt they could use a boost. It then clicked that my wife had arranged this whole thing in an attempt to get me to agree to some lip fillers, Melbourne apparently is a young city and me and my lips stand out. My wife is a real go getter.

When she see’s something she wants, she will go about getting it like a ninja. I had never really considered any kind of cosmetic procedure before, to be honest in my mind it seems like more of a feminine choice. I heard out the doctor and read all the literature and it actually doesn’t seem like such a big deal. I did used to be a pretty good looking man until everything started sagging so maybe it would be nice to regain a little youth to my looks. An old golf buddy of mine had actually had some dermal fillers in Melbourne before so I asked him a few questions and he couldn’t have recommended it more highly. My wife has really developed the skills to get me to do what she wants, I am quite literally going under the knife (needles) for her!