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Peaceful Postage Programming

evidence bagsPeople seem to be really concerned with this show Police Procedural. Not really my thing, sorry. You can keep your police evidence bags and blood analysis, because I think it’s all pretty violent and not worth my time. No, I have better things to watch, like Post Office Workers Delivering Mail. Oh, don’t let the title put you off. It’s really just a quiet exploration of the human spirit in the form of a sleepy Scottish village, where mail is almost always delivered on time unless there’s a bit of character drama.

Maybe I just go to this show to stop the stresses of real life, you know? Real life certainly does have a lot of those, and I don’t need any more in the form of some show that makes your blood pressure rise. Like, say, any reality TV at all? You spend all your time yelling at the TV until finally you just give up. No, POWDM is a quiet achievement in quiet drama, just suited for my tastes. Less drama than Week of Our Lives, but just enough to help you unwind at the end of the day by keeping you invested.

This week, Scott caused a stir in the village when he got himself a new postage satchel. You see, in the town of McHoots where this show takes place, they’ve had the same postage satchel for generations. It’s almost like a lucky charm, making sure everyone gets their mail and correspondence with the outside world. Yet Scott, being a young buck, has gone and bought a new one, plunging the establishment into sheer anarchy. I found myself tutting along with Edith when she was gossiping about it with the village book club, because young people can be so impulsive. However, it IS a nice postage satchel, and the old one was wearing out anyway. Maybe it’ll be for the best. Or maybe it’ll tear the entire village apart!

They’re such simple folks, even this can wreak havoc. I’ll be following the postage satchel crisis with eager ears and eyes!