From GUILT, and onwards to STRENGTH

aluminium toolboxes MelbourneAddictions are serious business, and they can strike at any time. One day you’re just going about business as usual, you find a new brand of fruit-and-nut chocolate that you really like, and you decide to eat a little piece every day. An hour later and boom! All gone. And chocolate isn’t expensive, you you get yourself down to the shop to get some more, reasoning that you’ll *probably* go to the gym that day. And then boom! All of it is gone, you didn’t go to the gym, and now you cannot live without a delicious square of fruity, nutty chocolate.

My mouth is watering, so I should stop.

Still, our group therapy class is both helpful and fascinating. I never knew you could be so addicted to such a wide variety of things! I’ve become quite good friends with Ozzie, who’s addicted to ute modifications. He’s always looking to add tool box central locking, or extra under tray drawers…and just last weekend he had some new roof racks and bars fitted, without telling his wife. As our therapist says, these things are not wrong by themselves. Some people take pride in their work vehicles, and that’s a healthy outlet. But it stops being a healthy outlet when it transgresses the GUILT system:

G– Guilt over time

I– Instant Regret after engaging in the activity

U– Uncontrollable Urges to do/eat more

L– Love, but not the good kind

T– Terrible Troubles with friends and relatives.

Those are the signs! And so many people miss them. One week you’re just making an innocent modification to your toolbox, and then boom! Your garage is absolutely stuffed with the best Melbourne aluminium toolboxes money can buy. That’s how Ozzie told it, anyway. And then there’s me, with my computer desk covered in Bradbury’s Fruit-and-Nut chocolate wrappers. However, we’re working on moving past our GUILT, and onto STRENGTH. That’s:

S– Strength to resist

T– Try not to do the bad things…