The best conference venue

I’Lorne accommodationm on a quest to find the perfect conference venue in Victoria. It’s kind of a long story and involves several, shall we say, unspoken agreements and (maybe) one or two interesting deals, but it should all work out in my favour. I hope that, in the end, I’ll have bettered my own and my family’s circumstances, and the consequences of my failing are too horrible to even think about. In any case, I’ve been granted enough money for it to actually travel all over the state and seek out what I consider to be the best conference venue.

Of course, for the organisation I work for, there are lots of things that go into an ideal venue. It has to be large enough to host a large number of people, while intimate enough that respective groups can apart from the other. Most importantly, it needs to be easily accessible from the nearby luxury accommodation. My clients do not want to have to travel great distances between their lodgings and their meetings.

Given these factors, I’m currently on route to Lorne, a small town situated on the Great Ocean Road. Lorne has the luxury accommodation my clients are after, while at the same time have conference venues located within the apartment area. The area itself is, from all accounts, a small paradise, a relaxing haven where the ocean meets the shore. I feel confident that this, in addition to its relative seclusion and small population during the off-season, will prove appealing to my clients. Additionally, during the off-season, there is a relatively limited police presence, and there is a nearby hospital which could deal with immediate problems if anything was to go awry.

All in all, I believe it will be the perfect location for this annual conference. In any case, I should arrive shortly, so I shall be able to scout the area and its surroundings for myself.