Buying the property of Melbourne’s underworld

property agent

Earlier this year my husband and I were looking to buy a new house. We wanted a change of scenery and also to upgrade to a suburb where the house would fetch more in sales and appreciate better as an investment. So we called up some Melbourne property advocates to help us out. My sister had told me that they are the experts to consult when you want to buy a property. What they do is they research everything, like the value of the properties you’re looking out, how the area will be in five or ten years time, whether it’s going to go up or down in value. They also weigh up the cost of living for you in that area and in that house, and they compare what your lifestyle will be like. For example, if you need a lot of stimulation they’re going to show you the city’s best hot spots and if you want peace and tranquility to raise a family they’ll show you the sleepy suburbs.

They also have specialist knowledge that isn’t typically available to the general public. For example, you can do all the research you want and click away madly at the internet for months and you’ll never come across the opportunities they can land. They have connections. They know about private sales and secret markets and all kinds of things. They can totally broaden the horizon of your property buying ambitions!

Since we started using the buyers advocacy in Melbourne, my hubby has got it in his head that he wants to live in a plush, european style villa. The buyers advocate, god bless her soul, showed us what she could find, but also felt that it was incumbent on her to mention that the properties in question had once belonged to members of the Melbourne underworld, that is, gangland houses. This of course, excited hubby. But now I’m just not so sure. I mean, imagine finding a big stash of white powder in the house, or some money buried in the backyard. That would be terrifying.