Boat race diaries

boat catch systemI knew that in order to win the race I had to put in some serious time. Not just training but time but the boat was not in the shape of a winning vessel at the moment. I always tell my kids it’s not about winning but when it comes to the annual coast to coast family boat race, it is only about winning. My wife thinks I’m taking it all too seriously but she won’t be saying that when we’re up on that podium being applauded and cheered by thousands of people. I’ve blocked out the next few weekends for family training time but before that I needed to improve the boat. I am getting a new boatcatch system that can launch in just 20 seconds! A swift and smooth launch sets the tone of the race and is incredibly important for first impressions. My wife keeps telling me it would be more sensible to spend the money on little Sammy’s braces, what does she know. I took the kids to see the new boat catch system in action! They loved it. I promised my eldest, Charlie, that if he put enough time and effort in to training he could launch us on the day. Working with kids is all about inventive. You have to give them a reason to want to win aside from winning itself. My wife has pretty much refused to take part apart from coming to look at boat catches in Melbourne with me, but I think she was only there to ensure I didn’t spend our entire life savings on boat accessories. She did allow me to buy a captain hat though! Every year the Flannigans show up with they fancy super yacht and matching outfits, they have won the last five years in a row but it’s the end of their lucky streak. The new boatcatch along with our improved crew should glide us through to first place.