Aluminium trestles for petrol station


I tell ya, being a small business owner in this day ‘n age is no mean feat. I’ve been struggling since the mid nineties and the only reason I’ve lasted as long as I have is thanks to my refusal to give up. The most recent obstacle to making a living, is the darn major petrol station which just got built down the street. It’s putting me out of business! I don’t know why everyone goes to that one, our prices are the same and it’s killing me. I mean, I lower my prices to be competitive with those big monster companies and then everyone still flocks to them.

It’s just that a  big name is trustworthy, right. And I have to do all the work myself so it looks like a very small and dodgy company. I mean, I pull out the aluminium trestles to do a bit of maintenance on my petrol pump and suddenly the place looks like a servo in a bum-fluff nowhere in some redneck town. Having to do the work yourself really cheapens the look of the place and discredits the business. Whereas the major servo down the road can hire their companies to come in and do the job real quick.

Another thing is I’ve had to do some minor renovations to the place so I’ve got this mobile scaffolding up against the wall. It needs a new paintjob but I’ve hardly got time to finish the thing cos I’m always so busy working there at the servo. I’ve only got one other guy to help me so it’s taking forever to get done. The place looks cheap, there’s aluminium platforms everywhere and the massive global corporation down the road are stealing all my business. The only good thing is the company that provides my platforms and trestles. Everyone else is good for nothing.