Running Around All Day With the Dogs

commercial solar systemsDoggy day-care is harder than people think, let me tell you! It’s most certainly not sitting back and throwing a ball every now and then for the dogs to chase. Nope…we have around 20 dogs in this place at any one time, and two-to-three staff members to keep them happy. That is, permanently happy. They can go and sleep if they like, but if they’re awake and not focused exclusively on other dogs, then it’s our job to entertain them.

I used a pedometer once, and it only took a week for me to have racked up enough running to have taken a trip to Sydney and beyond. Attach a few wires and we could probably power this place just through motion alone! In fact, I’ve seriously been wondering how we can cut down on our energy usage here. Big overhead lights, auto-ball-tossing machines, and the spas actually generate quite a bit of power. There’s commercial energy monitoring, but I’m not sure about my feelings on the subject; not right now. I feel like it’d be some sort of admission that we use too much power, and I don’t know if we’re quite there. I mean, we don’t just boil kettles all the time for the fun of it. We definitely need to keep the temperature in here a solid number, for the comfort of the clients. Owners don’t like walking in and feeling that we’ve been skimping on the air con, or the heating in winter, and cooling a room THIS big? That takes a fair amount of juice.

I’m sure there are plenty of energy options out there. We could install energy-saving bulbs, for example. Industrial strength ones. Or…well, the roof is massive. Plenty of room for some input from commercial solar systems. Costs down means a better experience overall for people and pooches, so we should be striving to do what we can. Still kinda like that wire idea, though. We do burn a lot of energy.