Glass Stairs

Glass technology is a wonderful thing. I obviously mean made by Australians, obviously. The continent upon which I stand, the denizens of which are known as Australians.

Such a curious thing, separating by country as well as species…though it’s not like I find that strange, or anything! I, also, am from a country. A country with people and places and of course things.

But that country that I was from has no great glass structures like this one. Makes sense, what with all the desert in this country, and all the glass that can be made from sand. And if it’s not sand from the desert, then it’s sand from one of the many beaches that surround this large continent. The glass repair experts here must be of an extremely high calibre, given that they have so much sand to work with. Sand in the middle, sand on the edges…they would be fools not to make that their main export.

I wonder if glaziers here have ever thought about applying their glass technology to spaceships? Not that I know much about spaceships, because I’m just a normal person of this planet, a planet with a clear Level Two space travel rating, and it’ll be a long while before intergalactic travel becomes possible. I see potential for glass, however. A great deal of things can be made from it, such as sculptures, large panes that block UV rays and maintain internal temperatures, and also balustrades. Those are…stairs. Stairs, but with glass. Even things like glass balustrades show the ingenuity of the human spirit that shall one day carry them to the stars, possibly after upgrading and integrating their glass technology into their spacecraft, creating wonderful vessels that will undoubtedly catch the attention of the intergalactic ship-building community.

If such a thing exists, ha ha! I wouldn’t know. I’ve lived here for my whole life.