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Foot care adventures in Cheltenham

podiatrist and foot specialistFor several years, I always thought I just had a gnarly toe nail. Then, it started to hurt. Actually, it was killing me. So I went to the doctor. He just took one look at my foot and pulled back with disgust. ‘You’re going straight to the podiatrist,’ he said, “I can’t help you with that thing!”

It turns out I had this toe nail fungus and the situation was getting dire! I walked into the clinic just expecting to browse some foot care products around Cheltenham but then I met the podiatrist and she made me a proper appointment. And boy am I glad I did!

She immediately made a diagnosis and a prognosis. I didn’t realise it at the time but she pointed out that i had all these other problems going on with my foot like ingrown toenails and shin splints. Holy moly, no wonder my foot was killing me.

The podiatrist gave me some treatment right away, which included a toe nail correcting treatment for the ingrown toenail. It was called nail restoration or keryflex. That stuff worked a treat. My nail grew back normally. In fact, I wonder it if twas ever normal to begin with. I had to come back to get the fungal nail infection treatment in Cheltenham because the process was going to be slightly more involved and I needed my wife there for moral support. All this doctoring was starting to make me depressed because I’d never been to the doctors so much in my life. I guess it was all catching up with me.

I should pay more attention to my feet, I think that’s what I’m going to do from now on. I’m actually going to wash them when I get in the shower rather just leaving them down there to bathe in the filthy water. I’ll clip my toenails more frequently and go to the podiatrist before any condition gets too bad to be treated. The moral of the story is, be kind to your feet.